As of January 2022, Innova Pharm is contracted to exclusively promote the venotonic medicine Aescusan by Esparma GmbH.

Results in numbers Aescusan vs Venotonics category for 2 years of brand promotion

Sell in sales
+36% increase in sell in sales in units for 2023/2021 whereas the whole venotonic category reduced by -3%

+124% increase in sell in sales in roubles for 2023/2021, whereas the growth rate for the whole venotonic category was +26%

Sell out sales
+45% increase in sell out sales in units for 2023/2021, whereas the entire venotonic category demonstrated a -8% drop in sales

+133% increase in sell out sales in roubles in 2023/2021 against +17% growth of the whole venotonic category

For the first time in 5 years, Aescusan returned to the top 1000 sales ranking of all pharmaceuticals in the Russian Federation

Customer feedback
Jonas Tryggvason is head of representative office of Esparma GmbH in Russia:

"With the transfer of Aescusan to the strategic partnership with InnovaPharm, I stopped worrying about meeting the sales plan facing HQ. The InnovaPharm team are true professionals in the pharmaceutical market. They not only know how to promote, but also choose the best set of marketing tools and can handle non-standard tasks.
Based on the results of work in 2022, we saw a great effect from this partnership. We achieved 103% of plan fulfilment, and sales growth in a declining market. I believe this is the best proof that Esparma GmbH is satisfied with the results of the joint project".
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